People know that email marketing is a relevant and important part of growing a business. We are often asked about how to get email marketing right, so here are the questions we get asked the most.

Will my email marketing look like Spam?

With GDPR coming into force in May it is absolutely crucial that your email marketing does not look like Spam.

Spam is an email that the receiver does not wish to get. If the reader perceives your email as being Spam, then you’re getting the message wrong.

‘Push’ messages – those overtly selling are more frequently seen as Spam. Even though the person has agreed to hear from you, if all you send is sales messages they may mark it as Spam.

Email marketing is about nurturing your readership, sharing information with them, drawing them towards you with relevant content that has a worth.

Remember – if it looks like Spam, it is Spam.

Why don’t people respond to my email?

They might not be interested! Think about how many emails hit your inbox every day. If you are in the middle of something you may well ignore it if you don’t have time to engage with it. It’s the same for your readership.

Furthermore, they may not have interest in what your message is an that particular moment. That is not to say they don’t ever want to hear from you, just not then.

Good subject lines can help with this. Longer subject lines that indicate the content of the email have a higher open rate than short or vague ones.

What’s the best time to send email marketing?

When the person at the other end wants to receive it!

It is possible to apply some logic to help with this though. A good rule of thumb is not to send messages on Monday morning as that’s when people are clearing out the junk from the weekend. Friday afternoon is when people tend to be trying to get everything done before the weekend so may not be ready to engage.

It depends greatly what industries you are sending to and what their working patterns are. Teachers quite often are most interactive with emails on a Sunday afternoon/evening as this is when they are prepping for the week ahead. Tradespeople may check their inboxes at the start and end of each day, but will rarely look at an email whilst working.

To help you assess when to send an email which will achieve the greatest response A/B testing can be very helpful – split your list in half and send at different times and then analyse which time had the greater engagement levels.

Another good trick is to resend an email a few days later but only send it to the ones that didn’t open the first. This can often help considerably with your open rates and is super easy to achieve with the KulaHub system.

Is there a good open and click-through rate?

Not a question that has a simple answer – there is no standard rate. It all depends on the interest levels of the people you are sending to. Around a 20% open rate is about the average for B2B with around a 1% click through rate. This rate is about the same as the days of direct mail when a 1% response was deemed a good response.

Growing your list is important as is making the subjects lines and content relevant and of worth to the reader.

Should I worry when people unsubscribe from my list?

If someone unsubscribes from your list it means they don’t want to hear from you anymore, simple as that. The odd person will always unsubscribe and that’s fine – they may no longer have an interest in what you do. However, if you are getting a lot of unsubscribes it may mean you are getting your message wrong. An unsubscribe does not necessarily mean you are being marked as Spam, but it is worth keeping an eye on unsubscribe rates as it could indicate a new approach is needed.

As with all the questions above – make your content relevant to the reader with clear subject lines and be clear about the action you would like them to take within the body of the email. Make your unsubscribe button visible and avoid being overtly salesy.

If you have any further questions about email marketing, or would like to know more about how the KulaHub email marketing facility can help you easily refine your strategy and engagement,  please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or give me a call on 08452993749