Your integrated set of marketing tools

KulaHub is an integrated set of marketing tools, rarely found all in one system without the need to export data or plug in APIs. This cloud-based software allows easy access to the benefits and features of CRM, Workflow Management, Email Design and Broadcast, Events Booking & Management and Online Surveys. The system is fully mobile responsive, with the ability to log in anywhere with internet access.

This powerful hub of marketing savvy is the ideal way to support busy business people on the go…

The Techie Bit

The KulaHub system is built around ASP.Net from Microsoft and uses VB.Net as the development language.

The system has been designed from the ground up by our own in-house development team, to be a modern, responsive and cutting edge CRM and integrated marketing web application. We use the latest development standards and processes to ensure it remains at the leading edge.

Data Security

The KulaHub system uses Microsoft Azure to store your data. Regarded as the most trusted cloud, and being used for US Government institutions, it is accredited to industry specific compliance standards including ISO 27001.

Protecting your Data

All data is accessed over a secure SSL (or TLS for the correct description) link. Your data is stored securely in Azure data centres based in the UK and your data is encrypted while in the data centre.

User Permissions

KulaHub has a comprehensive user permission feature to allow fine grained control over what each user can or cannot do. Each user can be granted or denied access to different features of the system, depending on their requirements. For example, one user could be granted the right to delete a contact where as another one would be denied that.

Backup and Availability

All your data is backed up in near real-time to give you peace of mind that your data will be safely and securely stored, no matter what happens.