KulaHub improves workflow for all types of businesses.

Our customer base covers over 40 industry sectors. The following highlights the flexibility of the KulaHub system and how it works for industry specific needs.


Your Course Organiser

  • Store all your one-to-one client notes

  • Automatically notify your clients of upcoming courses/sessions

  • Print Certificates

  • Advertise upcoming courses through email marketing

  • Collect bookings through your website, feed them into the CRM

Conferences & Events

Your one stop shop for event management

  • Create and market upcoming events

  • Organise delegates & attendees

  • Collaborate and manage pre-event details

  • Set reminders for pre/post event checklists

  • Automate your event reminders

Clothing & Workwear

Accelerate your business growth

  • Automate your order process, keeping clients in the loop

  • Market your latest products and offers

  • Attach documents and designs to your client folder

  • Link your order processing with the website

  • Market based on your purchase history

Vehicle Leasing & Finance

Let the world know your latest deals

  • Advertise your latest deals

  • Purchase and target fleet data

  • Print and merge contract details

  • Streamline your order process

  • Automate reminders for contract renewals

Membership Organisations

Get to know your members

  • Create events and advertise upcoming courses and seminars

  • Automate your booking responses

  • Report on attendee history

  • Target data based on their event history and preferences

  • Manage and communicate with your existing members


Keep an eye on your customers and prospects

  • Upsell and Cross Sell on products and services

  • Manage staff timesheets and employee hours

  • Hold site information and passwords

  • Keep on top of contract renewals

  • Track new sales opportunities and leads

  • Manage job sheets and project details

Cleaning & Facilities Management

Keep your database clean

  • Upsell and Cross sell on different services

  • Manage all your leads effectively

  • Manage your working diary

  • Log notes and information against your client base

  • Send targeted emails to advertise your services

Telemarketing Agencies

Never miss an opportunity

  • Record call outcomes

  • Reports on the breakdown of calls over a chosen timeframe

  • Log notes and set reminders

  • Upsell and Cross sell your database

  • Manage your sales pipeline


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