The holy grail for any business is a loyal customer base. Customers that keep coming back again and again. These are the people you can up-sell to and rely on.

People keep coming back to you if they think what you do is the best around and when you meet or exceed their expectations. It’s not just about your product or service, it’s also about how they are treated.

The big bugbears

The thing that is bound to turn your customers into your competitor’s customers is shoddy customer service. And the number one bugbear from your customer’s point of view is perceived inefficiencies. These include:

  • The customer feels they are not listened to
  • Poor communications
  • Too many sales messages – of the wrong sort

Streamlining your customers’ journey and eradicating inefficiencies will go a long way towards making your customers loyal.

CRM – THE weapon in your arsenal

You want your customer’s journey to be seamless. Utilising the features of a CRM system will keep you on top of every customer interaction.

Centralised data

With a CRM system, you only have to input customer details once. This information is centrally stored, accessible to the whole workforce. Every communication is logged. This avoids missed messages, duplications and misunderstandings. Up to the minute information is only a click away. Anyone who picks up a query from a customer can deal with it straight away without having to refer it on.

More effective communications

If a customer rings to speak to your sales manager who is out, the call is logged, and the sales manager can pick it up and respond accordingly whilst away from the office. No more scraps of paper left on desks until the sales manager returns at the end of the day (or the next morning)!

Having the latest communications to hand when dealing with a customer means they can be confident in both your business and your workforce.

More effective messages

It’s all about getting the right message to the right person. By analysing customer interaction with your marketing means you can start to tailor your messages to best effect.

Automated services

The beauty of a CRM system is that many tasks can be automated. Great for the customer as you can spend more time on them and less time on the admin!

What do you want?

Using CRM to drive your business communications and growth allows you to get a clearer picture of customer preferences and buying history. To achieve the best results why not use the CRM survey facility? Asking your customers what they want, how you can improve and how you can help them is an effective way to show them that their opinions matter to you.

Efficient project management

Having absolute clarity on the status of your sales pipeline, projects and internal processes is important for customer retention. It means you can be accurate when planning deadlines and you can update your customers quickly and easily on progress.

Appreciating loyalty

Customers like to be appreciated and will spend more if they are. With a CRM system, you can easily see and track the buying habits of your loyal customers. Instigating a reward scheme does wonders for customer satisfaction levels and retention.

Keeping it simple

A CRM system simplifies all the internal process you need to run and grow your business. It’s this simplification and streamlining that makes for a positive customer experience.

CRM – a great customer experience sorted.

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