Shouting about it

Email marketing is a very effective way to publicise your brand, build relationships with your customers/prospects and ultimately increase your sales.

Crafting successful campaigns is easier than you’d think if you avoid the rookie mistakes that will render all your hard work fruitless.

Spamming, inaccurate data, unclear messages and not measuring response are the most common mistakes people make to lose out on potential sales.

Right message, right person

What you don’t want to do with your email marketing is send Spam. Your good name and IP address will suffer badly if you are sending multiple messages that the people in your contact database don’t want to receive.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your messages are Spam-free and well received.

Clean data – a must

It may seem like a dull task, but the cleaner your data the more effective you will be. Invest some time and money into ensuring your contacts are up-to-date. There’s little point in sending messages to John if John left the company 3 years ago!

It’s the law that companies are required to keep clean, accurate customer records. This legislation will certainly tighten when the GDPR is adopted in May.

There are companies out there that will validate your contact database for you – well worth the investment in our view.
Clean data will yield a much higher return on investment, making the most of your marketing budget.

Sort it out

Getting the right message to the right person is critical, so it’s worth segmenting your data. How you do this is largely dependent on the type of business you are.

Popular segmentation techniques are; by age, gender, location, buying history and inactive/new customers.

You can do a lot to personalise and target messages if you have more detailed information on who you are writing to.

A scattergun approach has a lot less traction than a well-crafted, targeted message.

Imagine you sell gardening equipment. Why send an email promoting the latest top of the range lawnmower to someone who bought a lawn mower from you a month ago? With data segmentation, you can instead write to everyone who’s recently bought a lawnmower from you promoting the latest leaf blowers, composters or Cath Kidston gardening gloves!

Analyse this

It is well worth your time analysing the results of every email you send. Who opened it? What was the focus of the email? What type of subject line gets the best response? Every bit of information you can glean will enable you to focus your messages more effectively.

Test what works best

The Kulahub system has a very handy A/B testing facility built in. To gauge what subject lines work most effectively for your audience, 10% of your contacts will receive the message with subject line A and another 10% will receive subject line B. After 4 hours the remaining 80% of your contacts will receive the email with whichever subject line received most opens initially. And with a one tick set-up, it’s a very easy way to see what works best for you and your audience.

Hitting your email marketing targets

In summary, the more you know about your audience the more you can focus your messages to get the best engagement.

If you need any guidance on creating and managing your email marketing campaigns just email [email protected] or give Andrew Booth a call on 0800 049 6044