Common Issues and Questions…

Issues logging in

If you are having issues logging into the system, there are a couple of things you can try. Firstly, is your password definitely correct? If you are unsure, then reset your password by using the reset link on the login page. Be aware that these reset emails can sometimes go into your junk folders. If you still can’t log in after resetting your password, try deleting your cache from your internet browsing history. If you are still experiencing problems, then telephone your account manager on 01423 613334.

Dates and Money fields are showing in a different format

Most computers default to English Language (US). With KulaHub being cloud based, money fields and dates will convert to the browsers language settings. To ensure £ and date fields display correctly, go into your browser settings and make sure your English Language (UK) is selected.

How do I add a contact?

To add an individual contact, go to Contacts > Add a Contact

Complete the relevant fields and don’t forget to select a category for the contact to be associated with. Keep in mind also that the website field has to have full URL and include ‘https://’ before the web address. Eg: https://www.kulahub.com Once done, click ‘Add Above contact’ at the bottom of the page. Your contact is now saved.

I can’t Edit my contact

If you are trying to amend a contact in the system and the ‘save’ button doesn’t appear to be working, check that the website field starts with https://. From here if the contact still will not save, check the fields for any odd formatting. The most common formatting issues are caused by ‘>’ ‘<’ in the fields.

How do I export data?

At the top left of each grid in the system there is an option labelled ‘Export to Excel’ and ‘Export to PDF’ and in some cases ‘Export to CSV’. Select any of these to export in the format required.

How do I back up my data?

The KulaHub system automatically backs up your data every 30 minutes onto our UK based servers. If you wish to take a copy of your data, this can be achieved by accessing the grid of information (eg. notes, tasks, contacts etc) and selecting the ‘Export to Excel’ option.

How Do I Create an Email Reminder?

To Create a reminder , search and select the desired contact using the search facility  on the top navigation bar. Once the contact has been selected, click  the ‘Tasks’ tab. From here, click the blue link at the top left labelled ‘Create a task’ which will then display a variety of options for your task including ‘send an email reminder’.

How do I run a report?

To run a report, firstly go to the required area of the system on which you would like to report on. For example; a category, or a form that shows a workflow process, survey or event. From here click on the ‘v’ arrow at the top of the column which needs be filtered and select, ‘Filter’.

On the Filter, you will see a drop down for ‘is equal to’ ‘contains’ etc. These options will change depending on the type of field you are reporting from. For example reporting from a money field will give you ‘Greater than’ and ‘Less than’ options, whereas date fields will display filters like ‘after’ and ‘before’.

Once you have chosen the appropriate filter, enter the value in the text box provided. Then click ‘Filter’ to run the report.

Filters can be run on as many columns as required and can also be easily cleared by choosing the option ‘Clear’.

If two contacts are working on the same form at once, what happens when they save it?

Two users can work on the same form simultaneously. However, whoever saves the form last will be the record that is saved in the database.

Why is the number of people in my email list different to the number of people in the category?

KulaHub considers hard bounces and unsubscribes when an email is being broadcast. For example, although there maybe 1000 contacts within a category, there may not be email addresses assigned to all. Additionally, some contacts may have ‘hard bounced’ (email address no longer exists or the contact has an ‘out of office’ activated).

How to send an email

To send a campaign which has already been set up, go to E-Marketing > Create Campaign. From here open up the campaign from the ‘Saved Campaign’ page at the top of the page. Once selected, check all the details on the page and scroll down to your ‘Test & Send’ button. Click this button to receive a test email and to check how the template looks in outlook or your normal mail client.

From here, select see the green ‘send campaign’ button on the right hand side. Clicking this will direct you to a page where you can confirm all the  details. Click ‘Confirm below campaign’ and your email will start being sent immediately.

How do I resend an email to the none openers?

Once the initial campaign has been sent, go into campaign stats for that email. At the bottom of the stats page, select the blue link ‘Create an email based around this one’ and the original email will then be copied back to the ‘create’ page. From here, scroll down to all recipient details and see one of the options is labelled ‘contacts who opened campaigns’.  Select this option and the tick the ‘exclude’ box on the right-hand side. Now send the email again as normal and those contacts which opened the original campaign, will not receive the new campaign.

What’s the difference between a soft bounce and a hard bounce?

A soft bounce can occur for a number of reasons: The inbox could be full or the contact’s mail client could have rejected the email, however a hard bounce means the users email is incorrect or no longer exists.

Can I use videos in my email campaigns?

Unfortunately most email clients (eg Outlook) don’t support the type of code needed to display videos within an email and if this was inserted directly, your recipient would just see a blank space. It is possible however to add video to email, and our recommendation is that you host your video on a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo and within your email, insert a still image of the video or a gif file and within this, embed the link to the video.

Can I delete my unsubscribes or hard bounces?

Yes you can, however if you are also using the CRM within KulaHub, keep in mind that any notes, tasks and forms against the contacts would also be lost. If you still want to remove your unsubscribes and hard bounces email, please call your account manager, who will be happy to perform this task for you.

Why do I have to wait 2 hours to send a campaign?

You don’t, if you delete out any date/time in the Send Date box on the Create Campaign page then the email will send immediately. It is only when scheduling a campaign for the future that the send date needs to be at least 2 hours in the future.

How does the A/B Testing work?

The A/B testing tick box which can be found on the ‘Create Campaign’ page in your email settings, allows the User to enter a second subject line when the campaign is sent. This provides the option to select a % of recipients to see a different subject line, thus seeing which one performed better in terms of open and click-through rates. Choosing this option means that the campaign is initially sent to only 20% of the data list. 10% of recipients will see the first subject line and another 10% will get the second.  After 4 hours whichever subject gets the best open rate the remaining 80% will receive

How can I improve my open rates?

One of the biggest factors when considering open rates is the subject line. Try to keep it short and relevant and make sure you are not misleading your recipients in regards to the content within the email. There are also spam words like Offer, Free and Sale which should be avoided within the subject line. Within KulaHub on your create campaign page you also have the facility to do A/B testing to test and measure the quality and responsiveness of your subject line matter.

How can I improve my click through rates?

It’s important you make it easy for the recipient to know what action they need to take from your email. Having a clear call to action within the email will make it easy for people to click on links, therefore boosting your click through rates.

How do I set up a link in my email?

Firstly, go to the insert tab on the HTML email editor. From here you should see the hyperlink manager, this allows the User to add hyperlinks to text and images. Simply highlight the text or click on the image and select hyperlink manger. Within here, select the option to paste a URL or email address by clicking on the ‘Emails’ tab within the hyperlink manager.

How do I resize an image in KulaHub?

Go into the Email Editor and select ‘insert tab’. From here upload the image. This will preview the image and display a button labelled ‘Image Editor’. Select this.

Once open, see a list of tools across the top. Select ‘resize’ Enter the desired width and the height will change automatically.

From here, give the file a new name at the bottom and click ‘Save’.

Insert the new file into your email campaign.

How do I change my password?

We recommend you change your password every quarter. To do so, go to Admin > Change My Password. From here you can enter your current password and the new password.

What to do when having issues uploading data in bulk?

If you’re having issues uploading records in bulk there are 3 key things to check. Are all the headings you’re using on your spreadsheet headings match how these are set up in KulaHub? These headings can be found on the ‘Import Records’ page. Secondly, is the file saved as a CSV spreadsheet? If not, you can change the file type by going to File > Save As > Save as type on your excel spreadsheet. Finally, have you received an error email from KulaHub? The email that gets sent following a data upload will flag up any issues with certain rows and the reasons. Once you’ve addressed the issues flagged up by the error email try again and the data should import successfully.

How do I access the Drag & Drop Email Editor?

If your account manager has enabled the new Drag & Drop Email Editor on your account, you can access it by going to E-Marketing > HTML Template Editor within the drop down. From this page you can choose between the Traditional Editor and the new Drag & Drop.

How do I edit user permissions?

To edit your user permissions, go to Admin > User Management from here you can click ‘Edit’ against the user to amend their permissions.

How to change the ‘From address’ for your Email Marketing within KulaHub

To change the ‘From address’ for your bulk email marketing you’ll need to speak to your account manager about setting up CName records. CName records allow you to validate your email domain to the KulaHub servers so that the from address can be changed.

I’m having calendar Issues on mobile devices

If you’re experiencing issues adding entries on the KulaHub calendar from a mobile device it may be due to a recent update that doesn’t allow you to double tap on the screen to add a calendar entry. When viewing the calendar on a mobile device, click on the link labelled ‘Click here to add one manually.’ This allows you to add a Calendar entry without having to double tap on the screen.

How do I add a new user?

To create a new user on your account, go to Admin > User Management. From this page go to ‘Create a new user’. This page then allows you to enter a new user’s name, email address and password.

How do a check a user’s activity?

To check a user’s activity, which captures anytime a user creates, edits or deletes anything in the system, go to Admin > User CRM Activity Report. From this page you can select a user and a timeframe to view their activity.

How do I get a template to show up within the drop down on a singular send?

In order to see a template when sending a campaign on a singular basis it needs to be sent through the ‘Create Campaign’ page under E-Marketing.  Once the template has been sent it will be displayed in the ‘Email Template File’ drop down whining sending an email on a singular basis.

A hyperlink is generating an error within my email template

If hyperlinks are generating an error message on your test emails double check to see whether there is a space or a full stop after the address. If so, delete the space or the full stop and should then remove the error message when clicking links in your template.