Carry out a Google search for ‘lost sales lead’ and you’ll be amazed at some of the statistics – “70% of sales leads do not progress through ineffective management of the process” “Millions spent on marketing wasted through lack of effective follow up” …. “40% of cold leads are still ready to buy” The list is endless …

Streamline the sales process

KulaHub provides you with an easy to implement system to effectively manage your sales leads ensuring you never miss an opportunity, not just for a new sale but to cross-sell, upsell and get the very most from your existing and new customers.

Not only that but your sales team, however large or small, will love the reporting functionality which saves hours every month in tracking and report writing as the information is recorded as you go and added into reports that you create to capture your most important data. Can you afford not to automate? Our customers report that their investment achieves payback within a few months.

So how does KulaHub ensure you stay at the top of your game, week after week, month after month capturing, nurturing and converting more leads than you ever believed possible?

The process begins with a lead, it may have arrived through a web enquiry, or perhaps you bought some data? Attendance at an exhibition or simply met someone at a networking event and agreed to send them further information. The average salesperson is juggling over 100 leads at any one time, it is no wonder then that some of these slip through the net. Not with KulaHub, there are constant reminders and cross checks to ensure every piece of data you add to the system is tracked and managed to an effective conclusion.

Is it for me?

If you have customers, then KulaHub is for you. Here’s a rundown of how effortlessly you can nurture a lead through to a sale.

Lead capture – create dedicated landing pages – linked to Kulahub –  event sign up, social accounts.
Prospects are automatically added to a category you have created for tracking

Sales team notified – lead generated

Sales team pick up the lead – enter into sales pipeline report – the process is launched.

Click the image to see a short video of how to set up a KulaHub sales process

From here track every interaction:

Check web visits
Send email campaigns
Launch a series of automated mailings
Set tasks – for yourself or others
Add additional categories
Make notes
Send emails
Create reports
Log phone calls
Upload documents
Manage GDPR
Set marketing preferences or unsubscribe
Create events
Send surveys

Report, track, trace, results!

KulaHub in a nutshell

KulaHub is a dedicated sales pipeline management tool that includes a high functioning CRM, E-mail marketing, event management and survey tools in one simple to use system. Designed by marketers to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. With multi-user log in’s the system is perfect for managing your sales team or sales process, allowing you to track results in real time.

And last but not least KulaHub is highly affordable – every aspect of the system is included in the price, unlimited users and multi-level permissions – pay for the number of contacts you upload, start small and grow or aim high and cleanse – whatever the objective KulaHub gives you the tools.

Don’t take our word for it, check out some of our client testimonials to see how people use KulaHub to effectively manage their sales function.

For a free online demonstration of how KulaHub can work for you click here or call us on 0800 049 6044